Quantum Repeater Technology



  • 2022.07.29 New method of controlling qubits could advance quantum computers
    Assistant Professor Yuhei Sekiguchi and Professor Kosaka of the Institute of Advanced Sciences at Yokohama National University, and the YNU research team were able to demonstrate control of qubits by manipulating the electron spin through a combination of microwave manipulation and local optical shifting of transition frequencies of atoms and molecules, a process known as the Stark shift, using a nitrogen-vacancy center — a type of point defect — in a diamond.
    Optically addressable universal holonomic quantum gates on diamond spins
    Y. Sekiguchi, K. Matsushita, Y. Kawasaki, and H. Kosaka
    Nature Photonics 16, 662-666 (2022)
    Press release: EurekAlert!